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Overview of Dr. Elijah Nicholas

Dr. Elijah Nicholas is an international Professional Speaker. Haven spoken in the US and abroad, Dr. Elijah facilitates gender identify, gender awareness, and transgender inclusion in the workplace training. Dr. Elijah has delivered training in Europe, Africa, and a host of states within the US. As an Inclusive Pastor and Accomplished Transgender Veteran, Dr. Elijah has authored and co-authored over 8-books and publications, as well as a host of blogs, articles and digital media content. Dr. Nicholas now serves as the lead consultant for Dr. Elijah Nicholas, LLC where one of the many hats he wears is the senior "Gender Identity and Trans Inclusion Consultant."

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Expand the consciousness of the world one encounter at a time.



Transform the world by expanding the narrative of the trans experience. I will do this by being visible in the following goals. 



2021 goals:



1. Continue to help individuals remember their light and thereby live life to their highest potential (and beyond, to their God potential). 


2. Be Light and Demonstrate Unconditional Love by sharing Madoodle with the education system, corporate environment, and families around the United States.



3. Share Love and Light through television appearances, speaking engagements, gender identity and trans inclusion training for Corporate, Government, and Not-for-Profit organizations.

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