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COVID-19 Emptied Me. Completely. And, it helped FREE my Mind, too! 19 Lessons I Gleaned during the P

March 10, 2021


Nineteen is the number I remember being the first number I saw when I checked the number of Covid cases not in Atlanta, but in the entire state of Georgia. Wow I thought. How fast time goes by and change happens. Whether we accept it or not. March 6, 2020 was the last day I drove for Uber. I had picked up a few part-time hustles as I continue to pursue my dream of becoming a talk show host. And actually, Uber wasn't too bad of a gig. I was able to keep my lights on and pay my car note which kept me driving and thereby making money. Real Talk. Pure vulnerability. Fast forward 12 months almost to the day I wrote this (3-7-2021) … Lots has changed.

There are thousands of Covid-19 related deaths not only in the state of Georgia but also in the city of Atlanta. There are well over a half-million deaths (not cases but deaths) in the United States alone. And I cannot help but to ask myself, “what have we learned?”

That is a great question.

I cannot speak for others, but I can say what I have learned during this pandemic. Following is a list of my lessons and reminders I have gleaned over the last 12 months:

1. I AM Resilient!

2. I do more with less!

3. Mindset is everything!

4. All I have is THIS moment!

5. I adore my Family!

6. Family is EVERYTHING!

7. Vibration is everything!

8. God is within.

9. Children are angels!

10. Children need other children (empty thinkers need empty thinkers).

11. God is not angry.

12. God Loves all of God’s creation.

13. If you are breathing, you still have purpose.

14. Less actually produces more.

15. A grateful heart is a peaceful heart.

16. Faith the size of a mustard seed creates harvest.

17. There is creativity in silence.


19. Gratitude is…

I could go on and on about what I have learned over the past year, however.\, I find it fitting to pause with at and with gratitude. The idea of gratitude is not new to me. It was, however, certainly reinforced during the pandemic.

You see gratitude is what helped me see the positive side of the Covid pandemic. I was conscious about not only being grateful but also expressing gratitude. During the pandemic it was imperative that I show gratitude in some form every day. Whether through mental reflections of the things I was happy about each day or seemingly small and obvious experiences I had throughout the day. I remember going on my balcony one day and yelling to Yahweh THANK YOU for allowing me to have a safe space to be able to smell the crisp air and to hear the birds singing; things I have sometimes taken for granted in the past.

Some would think I should be sad. Hec, I lost my car. Actually, my car was repossessed. By the bank. I almost failed bankrupt. I defaulted on loans and credit cards… My finances were already fragile, and the effects of the pandemic was the breaking point for my bank accounts and fiscal abilities. Real talk. However, my perspective never wavered. These effects were all material things that can and will be replaced as needed.

All material things Yall! However, my mind remained in tac. Yes, I had some mental stumbles. But I bounced back! And through it all, my soul remains in tac. My body remains healthy and in tac. My family remains healthy and whole! That is the breakthrough right there!

Looking at my pictures and videos one may notice what appears to be an “empty” condo. Well to the physical eye in some respects it is empty. Materially that is. You see, one day I gave all (and I do I mean ALL) of my belongings to the Goodwill. Literally. Period. ALL. Everything from forks to furniture. And now, in the end of an era (literally) there is more Love, more Life, and more Light in my physical (empty) space than I've ever had before. Ever.

As I write this (in this moment) I realize the pandemic has impacted both literally and figuratively. I realize I have loosed myself of material possessions. I have also freed my mind of limited thinking. As I ponder, I guess one could say I've become empty. I’ve become as a little child is written in the Bible (Matthew 18). I’ve got fresh and new perspectives. I’m even more ready to learn, explore, expand, and grow. I AM so grateful for the things I realize I truly don't need. One looking close at my pictures and videos will notice what appears to be an “empty” house. Well, in some respects it is, materially that is.

You see, one day I gave all, and I do mean ALL of my belongings to the Goodwill. Literally. Period. I gave away everything from forks-to-furniture. I have slept in a hotel while my condo was being renovated. I was in and out of my condo due to the work stoppage in Atlanta early in the pandemic. It was frustrating and sometimes uncomfortable. And guess what? Through it all, during the pandemic, I kept and keep my faith. I move in (and always will) move in Love.

I am so grateful for the changes. I’m grateful for the difficult times. I AM grateful for the repossession. I’m grateful for the financial abyss. Guess what else? I have no idea what's next. I do, however, know what’s NOW. Right now, in this moment I AM EMPTY, I AM HAPPY, I AM HEALTHY, and I AM WHOLE! I AM READY and I’m GRATEFUL for EVERY point of my journey; even the emptying moments.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the past year is to continue to BE an EXPRESS GRATITUDE for, and in, EVERYTHING. This vibration, you see, ignites MIRACLES and MANIFESTATIONS. Miracles, in my world, are manifestations in action! 😊

Until the next time,

#GoBEGreat! ~Dr. Elijah Nicolas

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