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Gracefully Broken

January 20, 2021

Gooooood Morning Beautiful Spirits! 😁

Happy Happy Happyyyyyyy Inauguration Day!!! 🇺🇸 🗣🗣🗣 WE MADE IT!!!! 🗣🗣🗣

We. Made. it. We made it.

For some reason lately I’ve been drawn to a song I never heard before this week. It’s called “Gracefully Broken” and it’s by songstress Tasha Cobbs. I honestly can’t even tell you how long the song has been out, if I’m on the late train, or if maybe it just dropped this week and I’m right on time! 🤔 Either way, I love the song and ive been meditating on it all week.

🌟🌟 This morning, as with other past mornings in the recent week, I awoke with the voice of Tasha Cobbs singing “Gracefully Broken” in my ear. Today was no different in the fact that I woke with the song in my head. However today IS different in the sense that I’ve finally made the connection with this song and the significance of today.

❤️ ❤️ Today, the first day a black woman will ever serve in the “biggest house” of the country with possibly the most influence in the world.

❤️ ❤️ Today, the transition of power away from the man who replaced the first black President of the United States just four years ago.

❤️ ❤️ Today, the first day of the beginning of the necessity healing of the land that’s come known the be “the land of the free.”

It’s a significant day. A very significant day....

🌟 🌟 Today is the day America begins to heal from the broken pieces that have shattered across the nation and across the world for several years now. How this healing occurs and the time in which it occurs is critical.


Being an athlete the majority of my life, I’ve had my fair share of injuries. However, I’m grateful to say I’ve never had a broken bone. Tears and dislocations, be never a broken bone. When athletes (and others) break a bone in their body it is a very sensitive healing process. If not cared for properly, the broken bone can have a lasting impact on the body and mind, for that matter.

💡💡 Sometimes when a bone doesn’t heal either doctors hat to do what’s called “setting the bone.” “During the following weeks or months (after the broken bone and subsequent setting), new bone tissue continues to form. As long as the bonefragments receive an #adequate supply of #blood and #nutrients, the new tissue fuses the fragments together into a #single bone. In a nonhealing fracture, bones do notproduce new tissue.”

It stands to reason that if new tissues do not form, the healing is delayed or maybe even thwarted, for life. Complete healing that is.

💡💡 Just as with the process of the healing of a broken bone, so too, will America need to go through the healing process in the coming days. The setting of the bone, the broken bones, the fragments of broken pieces. All must be healed in order for peace to cover the land again.


✅ Today, we start the setting; the setting of the bone.

✅ Today we start the healing journey.

✅ Today, we set the bone, wrap it with a cast, and let the supernatural manifestations of God occur. America has been hurting for a long time. Broken for a long time. Screaming for a long time.

Tasha Cobbs’ lyrics read:

“God will break you to position...

He will break you to promote you...

And break you to put you in your right place...

But when He breaks you He doesn't hurt you, He doesn't....

When He breaks you He doesn't destroy you, He does it with; grace.

America has been positioned. “Positioned for what?” you may ask. And I say American has been positioned to BE the example of healing, BE the example of grace, BE the example of proper posturing for complete healing and reconciliation itself.

America has been broken indeed but I submit to you that God has once again shown Grace for our country and we are not simply broken, but we’ve been “Gracefully Broken.”

🌟❤️🌟 Grace (God’s gift of unconditional forgiveness) and broken (having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order) are simultaneously working together in this moment in time in history to culminate into a healed land.

🌟❤️🌟 God has allowed the strategic orchestration of the nation once known as the superpower of the world to be brought to it’s knees. The last thirty days alone have “felt like” what I would equate with a football player getting sideswiped and his collar bone snapping into pieces. Hearing and witnessing the collide has it happens makes everyone in the stands come to an immediate halt. The sound of the bone breaking/snapping in two silences the entire crowd. The injured player laying there unable to speak, barely able to breath, and completely confused about what just happened. A bit of whiplash I imagine.

Immediately after the snapping of the collarbone the healing begins. An immediate triage is done, often ice placed for some immediate relief, and maybe even a strong shot of cortisone to immediately ease the pain.

And the healing begins.

The setting of the bone takes place. The fragments begin to reconnect. The tissues begin to re-emerge. The blood begins to flow. And eventually, the collarbone is healed and the player is playing again.

The players playing again because he wasn’t killed. He wasn’t so injured that he could never return to football. Although this does happen periodically. In the end the ball player is healed and he returns to the field; healed, healthy, and ready to continue the mission.

The football player was #GracefullyBroken. Not completely and irrevocably broken. But gracefully broken...

🌟❤️🌟 America, too, has been gracefully broken. Today begins the healing. America has been wounded. Today begins the healing. America has been battered and divided. Today begins the healing.

And I personally welcome the healing power of our collective higher source. Some call this source God, some call this source Allah, some call this source Jesus. Whatever name we call it, that’s what I’m relying on.

God says, “I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.” 2 Kings

❤️🌟 I’m believing this same God, our collective higher source, who allowed us to not be completely broken, but “Gracefully Broken, is the same God that says here “Ive heard your prayers and now I will heal you.”

❤️🌟 God is healing #America. I believe that. Will it take time? Yes. Will there be challenges that require a periodic changing of the cast or redressing of the wound? Absolutely! But will there also ultimately be peace in the land? Without a doubt. 💯

❤️🌟 And just like there will be peace in the land, there will be peace in your heart, peace in your mind, and peace in YOUR gracefully broken bones as you heal individually. Whatever your broken bone is know that God has Gracefully Broken you which means your still here, you still have time, and you still have life.

💡 Today I encourage you to do some individual internal reflection. Consider asking yourself:

✅ Is anything in my life parallel to the transition of power taking place today.

✅ What in my life appears to be broken?

✅ Did God spare me and allow me to be graceful broken?

Beloveds, there is no one walking this earth who has not been shaken, shattered, bruised, or battered at some point in their life. If you are reading this you have likely been “Gracefully shaken, shattered, bruised, or battered.”

Gracefully Broken.

The fact that you are reading this message is the indicator that this is your miracle moment. This is your miracle time. This, is your healing.

Just as God is orchestrating the transition of power today in Washington DC, God is also orchestrating the transition of power within you, within me. God has allowed us to be “Gracefully Broken.” Let’s collectively heal the land together today by sending positive energy and positive vibrations so that America can begin the healing process. As we do this collectively, our individual lives we be reflective of the shift in perspective taking our attention away from the brokenness and shifting our energy, focus, and attention towards the necessary healing.


God is not only doing a “New Thing” in America, God is also doing a “New Thing” in YOU, a new thing in ME, a new thing in US. Let us show appreciation for being “Gracefully Broken, and not completely broken to the point of no repair.

I Love ❤️ You. God Loves ❤️ You.

Be Well. Be Great. Be Graceful.

Namaste ~Dr. Elijah 🤗 😘


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