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Release, and Embrace ALL Of You!

April 17, 2021

I’ve received sooooo many compliments on my nails over the past few days!!! From social media to the tech administering my covid test, to the cashier at the grocery store! 😯 Thank you! 🤩

Guess what? 😁

When I “lived life as a female” I would have NEVERRrrrr polished my nails. Like ever. The few times I did, it was a triggering disaster for me. 💯

Caveat: Now I’ve always believed in keeping my nails manicured and neat, however, there was a part of me that felt nail color made me “look” too feminine. Real talk. 💯 Honestly, I did. And because I’ve never seen myself as feminine, I literally ran away from things that carried feminine (perceived) energy.

As I expand my consciousness and become more comfortable in the skin I’m in (thanks to therapy AND testosterone) I’m not nearly as concerned about exuding feminine energy. Like at all. And it feels AMAZING! 💯

My goal in polishing my nails was to #RAISE #MY #VIBRATION! Yes, 🗣 EVEN HIGHER than it already is!!! 😁😁😁

I was searching for colors that literally raised my energy and brought positive vibrations to me, in me, and through me! When I found this color, ocean blue, (and one other that I’ll reveal soon 🤫) I fell in love! I literally felt my vibration raising as soon as the color was brushed onto my fingertips! 😯 Like seriously! 😆

There’s something about 1. Vibrant colors, and 2. 🗣 COMPLETE FREEDOM!!!

💡 💡 When you stop giving a flip about what “people” think about how YOU live YOUR life, you’ll be able to freely live and Love ❤️ ALL of you! Whether it’s embracing your feminine and masculine energy, or being th best mom you can be, or being the most amazing single dad you can be! Whatever it is for YOU, there’s so much freedom when we release the opinions not only of others, but also the miseducation we’ve been taught about ourselves! #catchitrightthere

ACTION: Tonight, as you go to bed, I challenge, and encourage you, to commit to doing #ONE thing this upcoming week that will help YOU walk more boldly in YOUR freedom!

✅ What is it that YOU want to do but you’ve been holding back in fear of what mama’nem, your friends, or coworkers might think and say?


✅ What do YOU say!? And what do you want?

✅ What’s gonna make your soul sing and your spirit smile? 🤔

🗣🗣 DO THAT!!! 😁 Yup, THAT!!!

I Love ❤️ you! God Loves ❤️ You! I’m Rooting for you! 🙏🏼 Go for it! Who cares what the world thinks? You’ve got destiny to fulfil!!! #Leggo

Have an AHMAZING WEEK Beloveds! 👊🏼👊🏼

Go BE Great! ~Dr. Elijah 😁❤️🤗💫😘

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