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Release, and Smile!

February 18, 2021

There was a time when I didn’t like to smile! I was about ten years old. My teachers told my mom that I was such a leader but I never smiled. 😔

At one point, in my past, I blamed my lack of smiling as a child on the fact that I was sexually molested as a child by my step-father.

In hindsight, now that I’m completely 💯 percent living in my truth, I believe it was because I was so uncomfortable in my body.

I never felt quite right. I didn’t fit in with the girls. And really I didn’t fully fit In with the boys. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I loved to play with the boys; however I still I knew I was “different.” Something wasn’t quit right. 🤔

So while I’m sure my home situation at the time played a role in my inability to smile regularly; I also (now) know my inability to express myself and what I was feeling led to my inability to fully live in my truth. This also contributed to many unhappy days for me for a very long time.

Now that #IAM #living; I mean really living in my truth, authentically, I really can’t help but to #smile! 😊 Oftentimes I smile so much that it rubs off on the people around me!😊

I’m #grateful for this. 😜 I’d much rather #bethelight and #walkinthelight; shining brightly for others to see, feel, and positively experience.

Walking and living unhappy for any reason just doesn’t feel good. I know it doesn’t because I’ve been there.

So today on this #ThankfulThursday I’m sending you much Happiness 😀 Positivity 👍🏼 Love ❤️ and Light ☀️ hoping it all rubs off on you!

I’m so #thankful for my #NOW!!!🙌🏼 For my #SMILE!!! For my #YES to ME!!!

I’m also sending you a dose of courage! Why? Because I know it takes courage to get to this level of happiness. It takes courage and conviction. Conviction to yourself. Conviction to do what makes YOU happy. And, conviction to do what’s best for you.

As I prepare for this evening session and work to help others smile, I smile because I’m #free. I smile because I’m #happy. And I smile because I know living my #truth will help someone else see the possibilities and eventually also live free and happy.

And that is something worth smiling about! 😊

I Love ❤️ You. God Loves ❤️ You.

Be Well ~Dr. Elijah 😘 #GoBeGreat™️

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