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Release, And Start Anew!

April 11, 2021

Turn the page... end the chapter...start anew...

Don't stay stuck in your present circumstance! Why? Because whether its good or bad, YOU have the power and the ability to create anew. Simply end the chapter right where you are today. You don't have to have a sweet ending or even a bitter ending. Either way, end. You can't get to the next chapter until you finish the current chapter (unless of course you skip through book), 😊

Many people don't understand or grasp the importance of starting anew even if things are great! Most think that when we start over or begin a new chapter its because something isn't right or things are going in the wrong direction.

Quite the opposite.

When I realized I AM the author AND the main character in MY book, things began to change for me. My perspective shifted from trying to fit in to creating the space I desire and naturally fitting in. And because YOU, too, are the author and main character in your story (life) you can frame the narrative however you'd like. You pick the characters. You choose the actors both primary and secondary. You choose who gets written in and who gets taken out. You even have the ability to manifest the transitions and when its time to start a new paragraph.

Think about it.

Most importantly, you have the power and authority to manifest how the story (chapter or book) ends. If you don't believe me, I challenge you to try it. Today! Right where you are! In THIS moment!

You can close AND open at the same time! You can close the current chapter and open the new chapter right now! Simply, start anew! Watch this short video to see how! I created it while on top of Stone Mountain here in Atlanta earlier today!

That's what I have learned to do. There's no magic pill, no process or six steps! Sometimes, you simply have to say, "that's it, I'm done" and end the chapter. What is the chapter? It could be a job, a relationship, a major life decision, a leadership calling, a business you started that you no longer desire to take part in.... The chapter can be representative of many things. The thing is, its your choice! You get to choose. And that's the power many of us don't realize we have. Real Talk.

When I realized I had the power to say no, the power to start over, the power to control the outcome, the power to write the narrative, I began to write my own story, literally and figuratively. I didn't want to wait for someone to tell my story or write how my stories begin and end. So, I took charge of my life and created the narrative I desire to manifest in my life. Does it make ME happy, ABSOLUTELY! Does it make others happy? Sometimes.

Actually, it makes others happy more often than not. And those who are happy are usually individuals I'm called to serve. And these are the individuals I focus on. The individuals I intentionally write into my story and books. lol I hope you get the picture now. You can have the life you desire much faster than you think. You'll have to make some hard decisions, welcome new people in your life, and also usher old ones out at the same time. It'll be a little uncomfortable for a while. But after a while, you'll look up and notice that your movie is playing out just the way you desire. And, the popcorn is pretty good too! lol

Have an amazing day Beautifuls! Ponder how you might create your narrative so that YOU are the main character and not the supporting actor or actress.

I Love You. God Loves You.

Be Well! ~Dr. Elijah

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