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Release Pain and Choose Purpose!

May 6, 2021

“The scars don’t have to remind you of the pain; they can remind you of the greatness of God.” ~Joel Osteen

Understandably, some people choose to hide their scars. I, however, choose to share my scars, my birth marks if you will.

Why do I do this?

❤️❤️ Because sharing and showing reminds me of the #Greatness of #God. You see, there was a time when I would have never shared my scars; not the internal ones nor the external ones.

❤️❤️ However, I’ve come to realize that presenting my full, authentic, and unapologetic self before the world allows me to not only be vulnerable, but to also demonstrate a perspective shift of looking at our past wounds and trauma as a #gift and not a #curse.

✅ I’m grateful for my scars.

✅ I’m grateful for my wounds.

✅ I’m grateful for my past trauma. 💯

💫💫 Each and every painful situation has allowed me to shed more and more of Elijah (my ego) with every occurrence.

💫💫 Furthermore, each situation has allowed me to gain a closer relationship with #God, with #Myself, and with my #Soul.


What is it that you’d like to shed today?

What scars will you turn into greatness and release the associated trauma and pain?

How will you birth a new perspective so your energy exudes:

✔️ Purpose instead of Pain?

✔️ Happiness instead of Hurt?

✔️ Calmness instead of Chaos?

All it takes is a shift in your perspective. YOU control the narrative you share and the narrative you carry. Allow your healed scars to be a testament to Gods Greatness and not a complaint about your past.

Take some time to shed some of you today. I challenge and encourage you to shift your perspective and BE even more amazing!😊

I Love ❤️ You. God Loves ❤️You.

✌🏼 ❤️💫💫💫

Go Be Great!™️ ~Dr. Elijah 🤗😘 #TransISBeautiful

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