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Sometimes leaving isn’t Enough!

February 16, 2021

“The action of walking away does not hold enough power to compensate for the attraction power of your thoughts.” Abraham-Hicks , “The Vortex” #ReadThatAgain

Oftentimes individuals leave (something) based on emotion. Sometimes leaving is warranted, sometimes maybe not. The reality is even in leaving a situation our departure most likely isn’t enough. Why not? For starters, leaving CAN be good. Let me say that up front. HOWEVER, so can staying if’s the right analysis is done and vibrational shift takes place. This requires much effort. The most important part of leaving a situation that causes emotional stress is assessing the frequency and vibration of the departure. If we leave on the same #LowVibration, we will undoubtedly experience more emotional stress in the new situation (new job, new marriage, friendship...). Points to Ponder: ✅ When moving forward it is important to evaluate the frequency we’ve been operating on. ✅ We may also want to consider our desired outcome and frequency. ✅ Determine what work needs to be done to fill the delta between the opposing frequencies? I truly believe, as Abraham-Hicks writes, if there is no determination of frequency at the onset, no mutual adjustments made during the “ship,” and no changes made “post-ship,” despite the type of ship, and we walk away, we run the risk of continuing to operate on a low vibration. And subsequently, based on the law of attraction, we draw the same situations back to us in different, but sometimes very similar, physical forms. Tasks: 💯 Let's evaluate our vibration and contribution to the collective frequency (situation, relationship, job). 💯 Once identified, let's begin the journey of healing. 💯 As we heal, let's be intentional about our vibrations and our thoughts: for these two things make up our new or revised vibrational frequency. This Vibrational Frequency then becomes our (new) point of attraction and draws OUR (new) energy right back to us. 😊 ❤️ Questions ❤️ ❤️ Do we want to change enough that we are willing to let go of every vibration that does not serve us. ❤️ Are WE willing to make OUR own Vibrational shift to have the experiences we desire and the life we want to live? 🤔 Be Great. ~Dr. Elijah 😘

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