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Sunset Reflections...

August 10, 2020

Sunset Reflections...

I remember the first time I was getting ready to board an international flight. I believe it was November of 2003. I was headed to Frankfurt, Germany. I spoke with my Papa Freddie because I was a little scared as I had never traveled outside the country before. His voice calmed me.

❤️ I also remember my Mama telling me to, “Always be Kind and Always say Thank You” just before I boarded the plane. I can still hear her voice telling me now as if it were yesterday.

❤️ As I navigated military life in Europe for the next several months that then turned into years, I was able to hear Mama’s voice saying, “Always be kind and always say thank you.” So much so that it was noticed that I ALWAYS said thank you, like a lot! Lol And kindness became, and has become, my way of life.

❤️🌟 As a man of trans experience, I spent time early in my transition navigating the thought of how I’d show up in the world. I wondered if I needed to change and be less expressive as it relates to kindness and gratitude.

Real talk. 💯

❤️🌟 What I’ve come to realize is that I was trying to navigate how I’d show up in the world based on my flawed perception of masculinity. I confused people’s perception of me with who God created me to be. #CatchThat

✅ Subsequently, I show up now as I always have. I show up as the energy, spirit, and soul I want to be, see, and experience. This happens to be the reflection of the God in me.

🌟🌟 I’m so grateful that my encounters are rooted in Love ❤️ and in Light 🌟 and come from the space of “always being kind and always saying thank you.”

🌟🌟 I’m so grateful for my Mamas words of wisdom.

🌟🌟 And, I’m so grateful for my growth beyond my previously flawed premises. Growth feels amazing! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

I Love ❤️ You. 😊

Have an amazing evening. 😊

Namaste ~Elijah 😘

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