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Surrender and Let God Be God

January 15, 2021

Goooood Morning Beloveds!! Happy Happy Happpyyyyyy Friday! 😁

I hope your week has been ALL you set out for it to be! If not, guess what? Today is a NEW DAY and you can END the week with intention and finish strong! 💯 💪🏼

Today, I want to encourage you to KNOW that it is absolutely ok 👌🏼 to surrender (to cease resistance). Whatever the circumstance, it’s ok to surrender.

✅ Releasing resistance can instantly (if we allow it) remove frustration, disappointment, tension, and stress. What you do when you surrender is the KEY.

✅ Surrendering is not the same as quitting, in my humble opinion. Or, maybe it is. 🤔 Really doesn’t matter. What matters is relinquishing control over the circumstance and outcome. It also matters what you do when you surrender.

✅ Standing (have or maintain an upright position, supported by one's feet) still is key. And that’s what I wanna encourage you to do today. To #Stand. That’s it. Stand. Just, stand. God will tell you if and when it’s time to move.


This concerns ALL THINGS in every area of your life. You’ve put in the work. You’ve let your requests be known to God. Relax...

“...and after you have done everything, stand.” Ephesians 6:13

That’s it. Simply, stand. 🙏🏼

You see sometimes, no action IS action. #Catchit Energy is ALWAYS flowing and God is ALWAYS creating. Even when we aren’t moving or taking action. #ThinkaboutIt God is ALWAYS working.

💡💡 When you can’t figure things out or things aren’t going as YOU plan, I challenge you to take no action (which is actually taking action), make no moves, do absolutely nothing concerning the situation until God says so.

🌟❤️ That, my friends is fully surrendering. Hard? Sometimes! Impossible? No! Worth it on the other side? Absolutely YES! Because “on the other side of obedience is abundance.” ~PJ

❤️🌟 Chillax today and let God do what God does best! And that’s “working things out!” 😊🙏🏼 RELAX, God’s got this and Gods got YOU!

I Love ❤️ You. God Loves ❤️ You.

BE an Amazing 👉🏼 YOU 👈🏼 today! 😊


Namaste (The Divine in Me Honors the Divine In You) ~Dr. Elijah 😊😘

📷James Hicks Photography


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