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ABOUT THE BOOK: I AM: A Guide to Spiritual Freedom Now is a Digital Course taught by Dr. Elijah Nicholas. The Spiritual Freedom Now Digital Course Journal and Workbook accompanies the digital course. During the course seekers have the opportunity to journal their gratitude, progress, and concepts learned during the course. Seekers also have ample space to take notes on the major and minor concepts taught by Dr. Nicholas. The Spiritual Freedom Now Digital Course is available beginning Spring 2022. Seekers can sign up on the email list and receive information and course updates at

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Elijah Nicholas is the author of the popular children’s book series - Madoodle. He is also the author of a popular self-help book – Manifest Your Best Life. After retiring from the military and then leading ministers and pastors around the globe, Dr. Elijah decided to become an author, actor, and advocate to elevate Happiness, Love, Light, and positivity around the world. The aim of Spiritual Freedom Now is to help others understand, maintain, and walk in Spiritual Freedom in every area of their lives, just as Dr. Elijah does.

I AM: Guide to Spiritual Freedom Now Workbook

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