Jamie is an amazing child who is navigating life at school. They just want to be loved and accepted just as all the other kids. While the pandemic and the need to wear a mask or face covering presents many challenges, Jamie happens to like how they are able to mask their appearance a bit. Children get it. Children simply want to love and have fun! How we have that fun is what is important. In this second book of the "Madoodle" series, Madison and Uncle Pete, the "Love Superheroes," creatively find a way to help Jamie navigate "becoming" while wearing their mask. Madison and Uncle Pete show Jamie unconditional love while respecting their gender identity. Pronoun usage, gender identity terms, thought provoking discussion questions and vocabulary are introduced to the reader for ease of navigating discussion with children, young adults, and adults about the transgender, nonbinary, and nongender conforming experience. Love, compassion, and inclusion are the core of each of Dr. Elijah’s children’s books. Please look for “Madoodle,” the first book in this series as an introduction on the transgender experience to the reader.

About the Authors: Author: Assigned the female sex at birth, 10-time published author, Dr. Elijah Nicholas spent over half of his life in the US Military, retiring as a Lt Col in 2012. Transitioning from female-to-male in 2018 manifested because Dr. Elijah could no longer live his core values: Authenticity, Integrity, and Transparency. After retiring from the military and then leading ministers and pastors around the globe, Dr. Elijah found it most befitting to resign his duties as a pastoral leader in 2018, just before he began his gender reassignment.Dr. Elijah holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from The University of Phoenix, a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a Masters of Science in Leadership and Operational Art from Air University, a Masters of Art in Education Training & Leadership (MAET), and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Administration of Justice. Dr. Nicholas is enrolled to attend the 2021 Harvard Divinity School Executive Education program for “Religious Resources for Living Beyond Crises.”

Illustrator: Marcellos Ponder is the creator of BM Comix, home of Stoopid High and Streetnerd. Marcellos Is a self-taught artist, who has been creating his own comics since grade school, making money throughout school using his talents. Marcellos has written and illustrated six different comic books. He also creates different forms of Art on various forms of mediums and also uses his talents for numerous projects for the newly formed City of South Fulton. Marcellus looks forward to working on the next big cartoon that can stand alongside some of the greats from the greats! Marcellos lives in Atlanta, GA. You can find Marcellos on IG: @Stoopidhighllc.

Contributor: Jaz Williams, or JazE XYZ, is a multimedia artist, poet, musician, & creative extraordinaire who co-edited "Madoodle: The New Kid." Jaz is a transmasculine non-binary person of color. They were born in Los Angeles, California and graduated from Willamette University with a BA in Women's and Gender studies. They are passionate about inclusivity surrounding gender & race, as well as representation for those with intersectional identities. These topics are often explored in their art, music, and public speaking. You can find Jaz on IG: @JazeXYZ.

"Madoodle: The New Kid" Book

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