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In this 30-Day Gratitude Journal, Dr. Elijah lets the reader know that he has implemented the principles discussed in the accompanying guide, Manifest Your Best Life: Guide to Deciding, Acting, Allowing, Receiving, and Manifesting. Dr. Elijah created this “30-Day Gratitude Journal” as a gift to the reader so they too can manifest their best life. Dr. Elijah encourages the reader to take time each day to write down five things they are grateful for. Additionally, Dr. Elijah encourages the reader take a few moments to reflect and write down the best parts of their day. Dr. Elijah postulates that the reader will find that focusing on the positive things will help shift the readers life to a point of gratitude, positivity, and happiness. Before you know it, the reader will be vibrating high every day!

Manifest Your Best Life 30-Day Gratitude Journal