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Dr. Elijah Nicholas has created an LGBTQI-friendly children's book featuring Madoodle (aka Madison), a ten-year-old girl whose Uncle Pete was once her Auntie Mary. Based on Dr. Elijah's observations as he navigated his gender transition from female to male, Dr. Elijah has brilliantly created a story of love, family, compasion, and authentic gender expression acceptance. Through the eyes of Madison and her friends, with appearances by parents, teachers, and other bright and inquisitive children, Dr. Elijah entertains, educates, enlightens, and most of all contributes to the discussion of unconditional love and gender expression.

"Madoodle" is a great family discussion tool for navigating gender identity and family dynamics. It is also an excellent resource for classroom teachers when introducing gender, gender expression, navigating transgender students, and proper pronoun usage in the student setting.

Madoodle Author Dr. Elijah Nicholas Book


Dr. Elijah wrote this guide while going through major life-experiences such as overcoming marriage separation (which ultimately ended in divorce); a major ministry closure and ultimate church restructuring; and a life-changing gender transition. His primary objective in writing this guide on manifestation is to guide the reader by using real-life examples of how he shifted his mindset from a position of lack and disappointment to lifestyle of abundance and happiness; joy and positive thinking; gratitude and manifestation.

Dr. Elijah demonstrates, from experience, that living, operating, and moving in high vibrations allowed him to not only get through these life-changing events, but it has put him in a space of mental bliss one of which he's never, ever experienced before.

Dr. Elijah's hope that the reader completes this guide feeling refreshed and ready to Manifest Their Best Life while also having a few tools to do so!

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