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Sunset Reflections 8-11-2020

August 11, 2020

Sunset Reflections...

I was in Frankfurt, Germany working the night shift. Talking with a coworker of mine about President Bush, I believe, it was 2003/4. We talked about 1. The possibility of a Black president in our lifetime, and 2. The possibility of a female president in our lifetime.

Little did we know, President Obama would be inaugurated just 4 years later...

I remember the evening clearly...I sat in my living room in front of the television waiting for the announcement of our newly elected President. I remember the class, grace, and dignity that embraced the stage as the newly elected President, First Lady, and their two beautiful children walked to the front of the stage in Chicago, IL (only about 90 minutes from my hometown in Milwaukee, WI).

I was stationed in Montgomery, Alabama at the time. I remember passing confederate flags, conversing about the meaning of the flags, and the roots of its origin in the south. I was one of two black officers in my leadership class. I was 1 of 12 reservist selected to attend this highly sought after training. I was a closeted lesbian at the time.

I was laxed in my perspective about my presence because I’d already obtained my doctorate and had a masters and bachelors as well. What was the big deal in another masters degree?

The arrogance. My arrogance.

I experienced a complete perspective shift, literally in nano-seconds, when I heard one of the Tuskegee Airmen reflect on his military service. I remember him saying how much of a blessing it was to sit in my seat and how many people had fought and died for me to be there; to be PAID to get an education.

I got my shyt together real quick.

I digress.

As I reflect this evening, watching the sunset and seeing the posts about Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris, I’m reminded of the shift that took place the day after President Obama was elected. There was so much tension in our class and on campus that you could cut it with a knife. Literally.

I must admit it was hard holding back the joy of being in service when the first black President was elected. It wasn’t protocol to openly express our political opinions, especially as an officer, a black officer who should just be happy to be present. 💯 However the reactions, murmurs, and cold shoulders showed political affiliation and opinion without one utterance.

Change happens.

Whether you agree or disagree with the current administration or the 2020 candidates matters not. What matters most, in my opinion, is the collective shift in consciousness that’s happening around the universe.

❤️ I’m grateful to be a part of this shift.

❤️ I’m grateful to be a witness to this shift.

❤️ And most of all I’m grateful to be a CONTRIBUTOR to the collective shift in consciousness that’s happening.

❤️🌟 My question to you on tonight is this: Are you a viewer or a participant in the shift?

My reality is I AM both. 💯

🌟 I choose embrace the change.

🌟 I choose to contribute to the change.

🌟 I welcome the “more,” because it’s coming.

I challenge YOU to ponder where and how you fit in? What role will you play in this next quantum leap of evolution (and shift in consciousness)? 😊

I Love ❤️ You.

Be Well. ~Dr. Elijah 😘

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